Abstract Submission/Minisymposia

If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Hengst (ruth@usacm.org) or Bethany Roicki (bethany@usacm.org).


1. IGA for Biomedical Applications, A. Krishnamurthy, M. Sacks, H. Gomez

2. Industrial Applications of IGA,  H. Casquero, M. Sederberg , M. Scott

3. Unstructured Spline Technologies, D. Toshniwai, J. Zhang, G. Elber, J. Peters, X. Wei  

4. Adaptive Spline Technologies, A. Buffa, C. Giannelli, B. Juettler, R. Vazquez

5. IGA for Fluids and FSI, J. Yan, H. van Brummelen, T, Tezduyar, K. Takizawa

6. IGA for Solids and Structures. T. Elguedj, J. Kiendl, A. Reali, L. De Lorenzis

7. Mathematical Foundation of IGA, T. Kvamsdal, M. Larson, C. Manni

8. Fast Formation and Solution Techniques, V. Calo, G. Sangalli, A. Mantzaflaris

9. Design Space Exploration, Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification, X. Qian, K. Maute

10. New Frontiers in IGA, G. Moutsanidis, D. Kamensky, J.S. Chen, Y. Bazilevs

11. Isogeometric Boundary Element MethodsG. Beer, B. Marussig

12. General Submissions, J. Evans, Ming-Chen Hsu, Artem Korobenko