IGA for Biomedical Applications

A. Krishnamurthy, Iowa State University

M. Sacks, University of Texas at Austin

H. Gomez, Purdue University


Computational modeling for biomedical applications provides a non-invasive modality for understanding the underlying mechanics of several biological systems, as well as guiding device design and treatment planning. In particular, Isogeometric Analysis has the potential to play an essential role in modeling biological systems by eliminating complex mesh generation or tedious geometry handling processes. The future of computational modeling in biomedical applications lies in patient-specific simulations of real disease events, enabling simulation assisted diagnostics, device design and deployment, and treatment planning decisions. The primary challenge in this regard is that patient-specific phenomena involve the synergistic interplay of multiple underlying physical or chemical processes, coupled with each other across several spatial and temporal scales. Computational multiphysics modeling has thus gradually emerged as a new frontier in advanced modeling of biomedical systems, aiming to resolve physiological and pathological phenomena in real patient-specific scenarios.

Advancements in this field require the engagement of engineering principles from various disciplines and calls for inter-disciplinary research efforts that go beyond current multiscale computational mechanics approaches. This mini-symposium will bring together scientists working across various domains to provide a platform for discussing the state-of-the-art and future directions in multiphysics, multiscale modeling of biomedical systems. The term multiphysics in this context refers to coupled physical interactions, including not only fundamental fluid and solid mechanics but also multiscale transport phenomena, biological growth and remodeling, electrophysiology, biochemical interactions, including drug delivery and other related aspects. We invite fundamental, as well as applied contributions from a wide range of topics focusing on theoretical and computational approaches for modeling biomedical systems.