Mathematical Foundation of IGA

T. Kvamsdal, NTNU

M. Larson, UMES University

C. Manni, University of Rome

H. Speleers, University of Roma "Tor Vergata"

Even though substantial progress has been made in the isogeometric context over the last few years, there are several profound theoretical issues that are not yet well understood and that are currently investigated by researchers in numerical analysis, approximation theory and applied geometry. The Minisymposium aims to collect recent relevant contributions in IgA mainly focusing on the mathematical perspective. This includes but it is not confined to: spectral analysis and multilevel solvers, quadrature and matrix assembly; a priori and a posteriori error estimation, convergence and complexity estimates; construction of smooth spline spaces and related bases on unstructured (quadrilateral) meshes/triangulations; handling of trimmed geometries and transitioning from bivariate to trivariate representations; volumetric spline spaces.