New Frontiers in IGA

G. Moutsanidis, Stony Brook University

D. Kamensky, University of California, San Diego

J.S. Chen, University of California, San Diego

Y. Bazilevs, Brown University

Isogeometric analysis (IGA)---understood broadly as the use of smooth spline functions in analysis---has been found to be synergistic not just with its original target of computer-aided design, but also with many other computational technologies, sometimes in ways that were not anticipated when the idea was proposed in 2005. The present minisymposium aims to bring together researchers working at these new frontiers in IGA. Examples of relevant topics include

  • connections between IGA and meshfree methods,
  • immersogeometric methods combining IGA with immersed-boundary methods,
  • coupling IGA of partial differential equations to nonlocal models (e.g., peridynamics),  using smooth spline functions to discretize nonlocal models,
  • isogeometric boundary element methods,
  • new software engineering principles for implementing IGA,
  • IGA of inverse problems,
  • coupling IGA and phase-field methods,

or anything novel and innovative that does not fit neatly into the more established sub-fields of IGA represented by other minisymposia.